Standardized testing is a great way to measure how students perform throughout the country, and see where the United States stands opposing other countries in the education field.  There are issues that exist with standardized testing.  Teachers are given a lot of stress to meet standards, and a many may choose to lean towards teaching only standardized test material.  “When used inappropriately, as when decision making about the quality of schools is based solely on scores from external tests, there are many negative impacts on schools, teachers, and students. If teachers become too focused on test scores, research has shown that they may seek to raise test scores by narrowing instruction to the tested content, teaching test-taking skills, and using instructional materials that mirror the types of items1 on the test.  This may raise test scores; however, the scores then have little meaning. When test scores, rather than student learning, become the focus of instruction, students can learn less, even as scores are increasing” (Taylor & Nolen, 2008).  It is important that teachers lay the foundation and not focus on teaching then test, but rather on the curriculum and their understanding of the information.



Taylor, C. S., & Nolen, S. B. (2008). Classroom assessment: Supporting teaching and learning

in real classrooms (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.



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