I want to be an educator to serve people.  I genuinely care about the success of others, and want to help them succeed.  Providing knowledge is one of the most important tools for success in life.  With knowledge, we are able to pursue the many different avenues in life and careers.  What motivates me to be an educator is for the “ah-ha” moment.  It’s that moment where a student makes the connection, and completely understands the lesson I am teaching.  Being an educator is one of the most important tasks, because we are providing children with a powerful resource, so they can have a future in something that sparks their interest .  I want to be the person who helps motivate, encourage, and develop a child when that spark of interest has risen or a certain talent emerges.  In society today, a child needs this encouragement to be successful and stay focused.  Being a part of something important like the Education Field is crucial to my lifes fullfillment.  I enjoy seeing the development of something new completely blossom to its fullest potential.  This feeling is magnified even further when it comes to the education field.  Watching someone develop educationally is not just a career to me, it is my motivation, and the adrenalize from the “ah-ha” moment makes it all worthwhile.


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