“Logic is a branch of philosophy that examines the processes of deriving valid conclusions from basic principles.” (Kauchak, 2005) It is my belief that out of the four basic areas of philosophy:  epistemology, metaphysics, axiology, and logic; that the area of logic is the most useful for teachers to apply in their daily activities.  As a teacher, it is my responsibility to evaluate and assess my class, and develop a conclusion based on my evidence.  “Logic helps both teachers and learners examine the validity of their thinking.” (Kauchak, 2005)  In the classroom, I will be dissecting information for my students to further their understanding.    For example, in order to prepare a lesson, I examine the possible questions that could arise and various scenarios that could play out when I present it to my students.  When it comes time to present the lesson, the class explores the information together examining the criteria involved so the students can comprehend the data, and I am prepared for any obstacle that may arise.   I believe Logic is also useful in the fact that it allows teachers to use reasoning with their students as a tool for academic and social development.  Teachers use deductive and inductive reasoning throughout their day with students to motivate them to question what they are learning.  This reasoning allows them to draw their own personal conclusions on the subject taught based upon the information the teacher has provided.  Each basic area of philosophy is committed to education in a way that is unique to its foundation.  I found that I could easily identify with each basic area and apply it as a use for a teacher.  After doing that, I found that logic seemed to be the most useful in classroom application and teacher development.




Kauchak, P. & Eggen, P. (2005). Introduction to teaching: Becoming a professional (2nd ed.).

            Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.



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Concept is the foundation for any subject. Logical thinking and reasoning will help in further developing the subject to a science of research.

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Great info, thanks

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Nice one info, thx


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